Fall Inspiration for your Celebrations and Events

Our scorching BC summer will be over soon, and NOW is the time to start planning for your Fall celebrations and events. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started:

Have a Back-to-School celebration!

What? Yes, you heard right! Plan a back-to-school celebration for the kids! They can invite a few of their closest friends, and you can have a small street or backyard party to celebrate the new school year. 

Or, once you’ve dropped the kiddos at school, plan a relaxing, catered lunch for all your mom friends! You’ve had the kids home 24/7 for the last 2 months (or longer), and you deserve to be pampered with lunch or mid-day cocktail hour!


If you ask someone what their favourite holiday is, Christmas and Halloween are often the most popular answers. We really enjoy walking around our neighbourhood and admiring all the elaborate Halloween decorations. The Halloween party decor is just as scary (and fun). 

The best Halloween party decor is pumpkins. They are readily available, and you can decorate, paint, or carve them in many ways, or just leave them au-natural! Include some spooky black and orange decor and a decorative candy bowl for sweet treats. Candy is a must-have for any October party or celebration.  

Thanksgiving family dinners

Thanksgiving is one of our busiest times of the year for event rentals as families host people in their homes for Thanksgiving. Fall colours make a perfect backdrop and colour scheme for these events. Burnt oranges and browns look great with seasonal squashes and harvest vegetables as centrepieces.

For those nights of warm fall weather – we have yard games and if the weather is on the inclement side – perhaps some casino games!  

General fall decor inspiration

If you have a wedding, birthday, or other celebration coming up this fall, here are some other ideas and must-haves to decorate for your event. 

  • Coordinated Dinner Napkins: Relay has cloth napkins in a variety of coordinated colours and fabrics.
  • Harvest Dining Table: Our new harvest tables were handmade by our very own Coleen and are the perfect addition for your Autumn dinners (and you don’t need to cover them with a table cloth)
  • Gold cutlery: Silver is classic, but  gold adds a touch of sophistication and flair to any fall-themed decor

No matter what you’re celebrating this Fall or how you’re celebrating, do yourself a favour and rent everything you need to put on a memorable event from Relay Event rentals. With our new online inventory system, you can view our stock and order it directly! Order now for your Fall events and celebrations