Incorporating a harvest table for your backyard BBQ or cocktail party

You can go to any event rental company and borrow foldable plastic or wooden tables for your next event and cover them up with a pretty table cloth. Or, add a touch of elegance and summer style for your next backyard BBQ or outdoor cocktail party with a beautifully made harvest table that becomes part of your decor.

A harvest table is like your snack table for your next event. But, in addition to providing a place to put the hors d’oeuvres, it can also become a focal point for your decor. Our owner Coleen recently made (yes, she made them herself) these stunning harvest tables.

Here are some great ideas and tips for when and how to use a harvest table at your next event.


We’re so excited that this summer marks the return of in-person events and gatherings again! Now is the time to plan a backyard or park BBQ or cocktail party event to celebrate a:

  • long-overdue family reunion
  • birthday or anniversary
  • neighbourhood block party
  • backyard movie night for you and your friends

At any of these events, having one central location, like a beautifully decorated harvest table, is an excellent idea for all your munchies and snacks. Add a few elegant decorations for your harvest table, and it’ll become the hub of your event.


When your harvest table is made from beautiful, natural wood, you don’t need to cover it with a table cloth. Harvest tables can have as much or as little decoration as you want. Consider plating your hors d’oeuvres and snacks on beautiful plates or bowls with pretty garnishes. Presentation is everything on a harvest table, and Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration.

We also like to decorate harvest tables with fresh greenery. Place a few sprigs of fresh branches and leaves and add some in-season flowers throughout. The great thing about decorating with natural materials is that you can return them to the forest afterward or add them to your compost to nourish your gardens.


There’s more to hosting a party than just putting out great food. You need to be a good host and provide entertainment or activities for your guests. Perhaps you just go to the dollar store and get some bubbles (or get a bubble machine) or balloons for the kids, or you could:

  • Organize some backyard games (like giant JengaKerplunk, and Yardzee)
  • Create a signature cocktail (or borrow one from Pinterest) to serve your guests
  • Bring in an entertainer for any children (you can hire costumed movie characters to come to your party)
  • Rent a blow-up movie screen and play a movie for your guests later in the evening

If you are BBQing, you will likely need a bigger BBQ to feed everyone! (Thankfully, you can rent an upright large gas grill or half-size griddle from Relay Event Rentals). This will ensure that you spend less time at the BBQ cooking and more time mingling with your guests.

No matter how you plan your backyard al fresco dining party or BBQ, our new handmade harvest table will make a great focal point for decor and your food. We suggest you shop for your food from local businesses and farms to maximize freshness while supporting your neighbourhood businesses.

Our harvest tables are so new that we haven’t added them to our online inventory system yet! To inquire about ordering these tables for your next event, contact us by email or call 250-871-4646.