Seven ways we can help make 2015 your best Thanksgiving yet

We can help make 2015 your best Thanksgiving yet!

Thanksgiving’s right around the corner. It’s a time of gratitude when friends and family come together to feast on mouthwatering turkey, abundant side dishes and one or two (or, let’s be honest, three) slices of pumpkin pie.


But following the laughter and full bellies of those dozen or so guests who arrived empty-handed and didn’t seem to hear when you asked for a hand stirring the gravy, what “thanks” are you left with? A kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes, a mad scramble to hand-wash six more forks for pumpkin pie and the unappreciated task of putting back all the chairs, stools and ottomans you commandeered from elsewhere in the house so that every last unappreciative guest could have a spot at the table.

Not this year!

This year, Relay Event Rentals is going to make your Thanksgiving enjoyable for everyone—including you!

Seven ways we can help make 2015 your best Thanksgiving yet!

  1. We’ll do the dishes! Imagine having all the plates, bowls, salad forks and glassware for your entire crew – and they all match! Ready for the best part? When you’re done, simply stack it all up and we’ll pick it up in the morning. We’ll do the dishes!
  2. We have chairs – and tables! Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll be sitting on the floor this year. Rent all the folding chairs you need and leave the ottoman and recliner in the living room! We can even rent you a family-sized table so everyone can actually eat together for once! We deliver it all and pick it up the next day.
  3. We’ll make you look like Martha Stewart! With a variety of chair covers, tablecloths and other linens, we’ll help you create a Thanksgiving dining room worthy of a Martha Stewart cover shot! (Because you know you have at least one family member who will comment your mismatched linens and apparent lack of style.)
  4. We can help you take it outside! You live on Vancouver Island, so why wouldn’t you want to take your Thanksgiving outdoors this year? You’ll be ready for any type of weather with our marquee and pop-up tents, outdoor space heaters and assorted tables, chairs and linens.
  5. We’ll make your Thanksgiving unforgettable! Cranberry Margaritas, anyone? Why not rent a slushy machine and let the good times roll with a never-ending flow of adult friendly (or child-friendly) beverages. We can even supply the appropriate glassware. Plus, kids of all ages will love our bubble machine, old-time popcorn maker and snow cone machines.
  6. We’ll help you go festive! We’ve got what you need to up your offering this year, from vases, candelabras and place card stands to sashes, overlays and napkins in a wild variety of colours. We can also supply mason jars, milk bottles, paper straws, wine clips and twinkle lights. There’s even the option of renting a roll-away cot for the little people, or for Grandpa’s after-dinner nap.
  7. We’ll do the dishes! Just wanted to make sure you saw that the first time . . .

Renting your Thanksgiving supplies from Relay Rentals will keep your heart rate low and ensure you don’t miss out on pie just because you’re stuck scrubbing dishes. (Did we mention we’ll do the dishes?) 

Click here to view our rate sheet. We’re adding to our inventory weekly, so give us a call or email with any questions or to book your rental.

We’re happy to help make your Thanksgiving the best ever!